Our Manufacturers

Some manufacturers are market specific.

  • AAON

    AAON designs, manufactures and sells semi-custom HVAC equipment for commercial and residential use.

  • Absolut Aire

    Direct Gas Fired Systems Heating & Ventilating Systems 100% Make Up Air Units

  • Addison

    100% outside air packaged rooftop units, split systems

  • Aerisa

    Bi-Polar Ionization Filtration, Improve IAQ, Reduce Energy, Reduce Outside Air Reqts - SAVE $$$, Mitigate Odor, Mold, Bacteria

  • Air Zone International

    Custom Air Handler Units Vertical/Column AHU’s Energy Recovery Units

  • American Air Filters

    Industry leader of filters and clean air solutions

  • Annex Air

    Custom AHU & Energy, recovery solutions including enthalpy wheels, fixed plate, and heat pipe technology

  • ArctiChill

    Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Modular Chillers.

  • ArctiCool

    Oil-Free Air-Cooled and Ware-Cooled Modular Chillers

  • Barnebey Sutcliffe

    Activated Carbon Filtration IAQ Panels, Filters & Housing

  • Berner

    Recirculating & Non–Recirculating Air Doors Heated & Unheated

  • Broan

    Commercial & Residential fans, wall caps, heaters

  • Bry-Air

    Custom engineered industrial desiccant dehumidification products

  • Captive Aire

    Commercial kitchen ventilation systems and air distribution

  • Chil-Pak

    Modular chilled and hot water packaged solutions

  • Climate Master

    Water Source Heat Pumps 100% OA HP Systems

  • Danfoss

    Infrastructure, food, energy and climate are the focus of our business.

  • Denlar Fire

    Range Hood Fire Protection & Dryer Booster Fans

  • Eastern Sheet Metal

    Single, Double Wall, Oval Duct, Gasket Round Duct, Fittings, Registers for Round Duct. Rectangular Duct

  • Envir Sap

    Chilled & Hot Water Skids Modular Pumping Plants Heat Exchanger Systems

  • Fabric Air

    Fabric Duct and Ventilation Solution

  • Fantech

    Dryer Booster Fans

  • Flo Flab

    Leader in Pumps and Tanks

  • Grundfos

    World's largest Pump manufacturer

  • Hamlin

    Spiral duct systems and building components

  • HCi Hydronic Components Inc

    Premier provider of innovative hydronic components to the HVAC industry

  • Heat Fab

    Single and Double Wall AL29-4C Boiler Stack

  • Heat Pipe Technology

    Advanced Energy Recovery and Dehumidification

  • IAP

    Premiere manufacturers of fume exhaust systems.

  • IEC

    Industry Leading FCU’s All Styles and Custom

  • Indeeco

    Specialty Electric Heaters, Duct & Unit Heaters Control for Heaters

  • Johnson Controls

    Applied & Custom AHU’s, chillers, unitary equipment, water-source heat pumps, and Controls

  • KE Fibertec

    World leader in fabric duct and ventilation solutions

  • Kees

    Custom Grill & Registers Roof Hoods, Penthouses Custom Sheetmetal Fab

  • Keflex

    Design and Manufacture of flexible metal hose, bellows, expansion joints and other flexible engineered components.

  • Laars

    Condensing/Non-Condensing Boilers, Water Heaters, and Tanks

  • LG

    Industry leader in VRF and ductless split systems

  • Linx
  • Lumalier

    UV Solutions Unit & Duct Mounted Portable

  • Markel

    Heaters: Unit, Cabinet, Baseboard, Radiant, Infrared & Duct Heaters

  • Macro Aire

    Pioneer of the HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fan industry

  • Magic Aire

    Unit Ventilators

  • Metal Aire

    Grills, Registers & Diffusers VAV Boxes Architectural & Linear Diffusers

  • Micro Metl

    Packaged Energy Recovery Units


    A leading supplier of specialty chillers and cooling systems for data centers, hospitals, industrial applications, institutional and commercial buildings.

  • Neptronic

    Water & Steam Humidifiers Pressure Indep. Control Valves

  • PennBarry

    Commercial and industrial ventilation fans, Intake / Relief Hoods

  • Precision Air

    Customized product and system applications utilizing laminar flow with or without HEPA Filtration – Hospital & Lab Application

  • Precision Boilers

    Electric, Hot Water, and Steam Boilers; Flex-tube; Water Heaters

  • Redd-i

    Electric unit heaters, baseboard heat, and infrared applications

  • Ruskin

    Sound Attenuation and Acoustical Panels

  • Ruskin Green

    Airflow Measuring, Fire, Smoke, Combo, volume & radiant dampers. Access doors,

  • Seiho

    Round Architectural Spot Diffusers, Round Registers, Turbo Nozzles, Vent Louvers

  • Seresco

    Pool Dehumidification Units & 100% OA Units

  • Simoneau Boilers

    Manufacturing industrial and commercial boilers

  • Smardt

    Oil Free, Water Cooled Chillers Oil Free, Air Cooled Chillers, Oil Free w/ Remote Condensers

  • Spunstrand

    Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Duct (FRP) Commercial and Industrial Ductwork

  • Steril-Aire

    Leader in high output ultraviolet germicidal solutions

  • Sterivent

    Dust Collection Systems and Solutions

  • Tandem

    Water and air-cooled Modular chillers, heat pump and energy recovery applications

  • Thermaduct

    Thermaduct is rigid insulated exterior ductwork system that offers High R-Values and Low Air Leakage without the need for fiberglass insulation or duct liner.

  • Titus

    Innovative air distribution products and solutions. GRDs, UFAD, VAVs, FCUs, & AHUs

  • Triatek

    Venturi valves, lab controls, room pressure monitors/controls, and lighting control panels

  • Tox Alert

    Gas Alert System Full Detection Systems with sound and visual alarms

  • Trox Technik

    Passive and Active chilled beam solutions, Under floor air distribution Displacement ventilation

  • Twin City

    Axial, Centrifugal, Utility Set Fans Roof Ventilation, Prop fans, Lab Fume Exhaust

  • United CoolAir

    Manufacturer of VAV and 100% OA Systems, Indoor Packaged and Splittable light commercial air conditioners.

  • United Enertech

    Louvers, dampers, roof vent products

  • United Metal Products

    Custom air systems, Evaporative cooling, Vertical air handling units energy recovery applications

  • Van-Packer

    Chimney & Breeching B-Vent, Positive Pressure Stacks Custom Stacks

  • Ventaire

    Vehicle exhaust removal and welding fume extraction systems

  • Vibro Coustics

    Leading supplier of noise control products and seismic restraint solutions

  • Viron

    Fans, Blowers & Hoods FRP, PVC, Stainless, Chrome Centrifugal Upblast Fans

  • York

    Global leader in applied HVAC equipment

  • Zehnder Rittling

    Hydronic heating products, fan coil units, induction units, and radiant ceiling panels

  • Zoo Fans

    Fans and Fan Accessories