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Filtration and clean air solutions

Outside air units, packaged units and mechanical rooms, WSHP units

Direct and indirect gas fired make-up air and air rotation units

Thermally powered VAV diffusers

Critical enviroment airflow controls and measurement

Condensing boilers, water heaters and hydronic accessories

Aermec strives to provide the most efficient and innovative HVAC solutions to the North American Market.

AGronomic IQ, formerly Quest IQ, sets the HVAC standard for commercial growers by taking advantage of an all-in-one grow room HVAC system to deliver the most precise temperature and humidity control in the industry, with exceptional energy efficiency.

The global leader of underfloor air distribution, designed to enhance indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption in a variety of applications

Plate and Frame, Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

PTACS, Digi-Smart® control systems

UL Listed grease duct and breeching

Custom air handling units and energy recovery solutions

Industry-standard for commercial pumps, heat exchangers, dirt/air separators, and packaged pumping systems.

Providing healthier, more productive interior environments with unequal recession by monitoring and cleaning the air we breathe.

Refrigerant monitors, leak detectors, combustion & emissions analysis

Air doors, fans, fabric ducts, custom controls solutions

Air purification and corrosion protection systems for all environments that are engineered for lasting quality, high-performance, and energy saving.

WSHP, Boilers, AHU, Solar heating

Commercial kitchen ventilation systems and air distribution solutions

Custom engineered dehumidification units

Commercial kitchen ventilation systems and air distribution solutions

Passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of students

Gas Fired Steam Generators

Modular chiller systems including heat recovery and heat pumps, free cooling, geo-exchange central plants and variable flow systems

High Quality, Innovate Custom Air Handlers

Complete Line of Watersource Heat Pumps, Packaged Rooftop & DOAS

Variable frequency drives

Precision cooling CRAC and CRAH systems. DX, chilled water, condensers, fluid coolers

Fully integrated fire suppression hoods for residential and commercial applications

Diversified Heat Transfer (DHT) is a leading engineering and manufacturing company of heat exchange equipment and systems for the residential, commercial, and industrial markets

Spiral duct systems and building components

IAQ and outside air reduction systems

Custom modular mechanical rooms and packaged HVAC systems

UV light disinfection & IAQ products

Special application fans

From simple pump-stations and heat-transfer skids to large fully integrated outdoor utility buildings, FCS has outstanding experience in design and manufacturing solutions that are dependable and cost-effective.

UV light disinfection & IAQ products

Variable and constant speed self-contained vertical and horizontal units

Kitchen ventilation systems

Energy & water efficient heat transfer solutions; adiabatic condensers

Custom valve packages and piping assemblies

Single and double wall AL29-4C boiler stack

HVLS (Large Diameter) Fans with direct drive motor

Industrial & lab fume arms

Horizontal, vertical, vertical stack, direct drive and belt drive fan coil and blower coil.

Electric heaters & controls

Pre-insulated underground piping systems

J.L. Wingert is a leading manufacturer of a full selection of mixers, separators, separator systems, bypass feeders, filter feeders, bromine feeders, coupon racks, glycol feed systems, sample coolers and sludge traps.

Custom AHU’s, chillers, unitary equipment, water-source heat pumps, and controls

Keckley is the premier manufacturer of high-quality Ball Valves, Pipeline Strainers, Check Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Float and Lever Valves, Control Valves, Suction Diffusers, and Triple Duty Valves.

Custom grill & registers, roof hoods, penthouses, & custom sheet metal fab

Advance air conditioning & ventilation solutions.

Filters and housings

Condensing and noncondensing boilers, Water heaters, Tanks

VRF and ductless split systems

Natural ventilation systems and solutions

Unit Ventilators

Heaters: unit, cabinet, wall ceiling, baseboard, radiant, infrared & duct heaters

Flooded steam-to HW heat exchangers, Pumping packages

Grilles, registers, diffusers & VAV boxes

Packaged energy recovery, economizers, concentric, and OA hoods

Custom AHU

Corrosive air and perchloric acid exhaust

Natural ventilation systems, vents and louvers

Process, medical, and free-cooling chillers

Modular & mag bearing chilled water solutions

Myers offerings include a wide range of water well, sewage, sump, effluent and utility pumps & accessories for commercial and industrial use.

National Pump Company is a leader in vertical turbine pumps. They serve water, power, municipal, petroleum, and agriculture markets.

Humidifiers, damper actuators, control valves, duct heaters

World’s largest pump manufacturer

Commercial and industrial ventilation fans & hoods

Plate and frame heat exchangers

Customized applications utilizing laminar flow with or without HEPA filtration, custom OR ceiling systems

Electric, hot water, and steam boilers; flex-tube; water heaters

Air cooled chillers, water cooled scrolls, AC condensing units

Electric unit heaters and infrared applications

Static plate energy recovery units

Prefabricated rooftop products

Louvers; balancing, control, and fire/smoke dampers

VRF, Ductless split systems, DOAS

Architectural air distribution nozzles, grilles, and registers

Pool dehumidification & DOAS

High and low pressure steam, hot water boilers; fire tube design

Spirotherm is the global leader for dirt and air separators in the commercial and industrial HVAC market. They also offer standard air separators and residential units.

Low voltage starters, relays, and motor controls

Fiberglass reinforced plastic duct (FRP) commercial and industrial ductwork

Leader in high output ultraviolet solutions

Dust collection systems and solutions

Saving energy for future generations

Active and passive chilled beams

Packaged DX units, heat pump systems, ERVs, split systems

Shell and tube heat exchangers

Innovative air distribution products and air handling solutions, chilled beams

Gas monitoring

Venturi valves, lab controls, room pressure monitors/controls

Axial, centrifugal, utility set fans roof ventilation, prop fans, lab fume exhaust

Twin City Hoses offers metal hoses, flexible pump connectors, seismic connectors and expansion joints.

Louvers, dampers, ventilation products

Chimney and ventilation products

Chimney & breeching systems

Innovative Sound Solutions

Vehicle exhaust removal and welding fume extraction systems

Noise control products; seismic restraint solutions

As a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency heating and renewable energy systems, Viessmann offers what no one else can – a complete range of heating solutions designed for today, that meet the energy challenges of tomorrow.

Specialized FRP duct, fans, & scrubbers

Watson McDaniel is a leading manufacturer of high-quality steam and fluid specialty products. They offer everything from electric and steam powered condensate pumps to traps, pressure regulators, control valves and all steam pipeline accessories.

ASME certified and noncertified pressure tanks

Water source heat pumps and fan coil units

Global leader in chillers and applied HVAC equipment

Hydronic heating, induction units, and radiant panels